Top online casinos accept several safe and secured payment options. The Bank Transfer is one of the payment options that offer the best deal in terms of security and safety. The payment option is linked to a bank or financial institution that helps to process the payment of players that have an account with them. Visit to get more information about the best online casino you can sign-up with.

How Bank Transfer Casino Works

The player needs to open an account at the bank before he can use the payment method. To make payment to the casino account, the player will need to get the account details of the online casino. After the payment is made, then the player can proceed to play the game. You need to check the processing time of the bonus as well as the processing charges from the bank.

The processing time for making payments using Bank Transfer is long when compared to other payment options like e-wallets. Also, you will need to check the amount the bank is deducting as the processing charge for your transaction. There are no bonuses for choosing Bank Transfer as your preferred option. However, though, as a new player, new players can claim the welcome bonus offer to get free spins and other incentives.

  • Safe and secured payment option
  • Processing time is long
  • The bank deducts transaction fees from the player's account

Positives and Negatives of Using Bank Transfer

The payment method is simple to use. E-wallets need players to go through the rigorous process of creating a profile before they can use it. But Bank Wire Transfer does not require any process. All you need to do is to have a bank account linked to a financial institution then you are good to go. One downside to using Bank Wire Transfer is that it has a long waiting time.

How to Make a Deposit Using Bank Transfer

To make a deposit using Bank Transfer, you need to log on to your account and proceed to the deposit page. Then you can select bank transfer as your preferred method of payment. Select the amount you want to deposit then follow the instructions that come after that. You need to wait for some time for your deposit to be processed. The transaction period of Bank Wire Transfer can take 7 days.

How to Make a Withdrawal Using Bank Transfer

The withdrawal process is the same as the deposit process. To begin, you have to log on to your account then proceed to the withdrawal page. The next thing you must do is to choose Wire Transfer as your preferred method of payment. You can now fill in the amount you want to withdraw to complete your transaction. There is a waiting period for making withdrawals at the casino.